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The Recess Gallery is Durango’s smallest gallery. Measuring 8 cubic feet and located in the back of Studio & Gallery, The Recess Gallery exhibits small works from a rotating cast of regional artists. All works are 5"x7" or smaller and sell for $100.

With a new exhibit each month, the Recess Gallery aims to showcase the vast talent of the artists from around the region while offering collectors affordable original pieces.

January – Annette Coleman
February – Wu Wallace
March – Ralph De Vera
April – Leesa Zarinelli Gawlik
May – Tim Flynn
June – Thor Kramok
July – Miki Harder
August – Bob Zahner
September – Rosie Carter
October – Amy Felker
November – Crystal Hartman
December – Carol Meckling

February – Aaron Berg
April – Elizabeth Kinahan
May – Lisa Self
June – Tim Kapustka
July – Dan Groth
August – Deb Morgan
September – Shay M. Lopez
October – Mervin Stillson
November – Paul Pennington
December – Bethany Bachmann