Photo: Jake Polster-Sadlon

Photo: Jake Polster-Sadlon

Tim Kapustka •  Visual Artist , Graphic Designer *

Tim Kapustka is a graphic designer and artist living in Durango, Colorado. The son of two teachers (science & 2nd grade), he has a solid grasp on 2nd grade science. He grew up on Michigan’s lower peninsula in the shadow of the original Vlasic pickle plant. He still has a thriving love affair with the city of Detroit and that city’s baseballers, the Tigers.

By day, Tim runs Cabbage Creative, a graphic design firm and is a founding member of Studio & Gallery. When not at work Tim enjoys eating cheese(s), frequenting basements, and standing knee deep in the rivers and streams of Southwest Colorado. He has above average peripheral vision.

You can find prints and miscellaneous artifacts from Tim in the Cabbage Creative online shop.


Photo: Jake Polster-Sadlon

Photo: Jake Polster-Sadlon

Elizabeth Kinahan • Oil Painter

My art is driven by a strong belief in the inherent value of all living things and my innate desire to protect them. I am greatly inspired by my rural Colorado landscape and the agricultural animals that punctuate it. By painting what are essentially contemporary formal portraits, I am aiming to bring an honor to the lives of these animals which are so often seen as insignificant; portraiture as an act of reverence.

The paintings start with a visit to the farm, where I enjoy getting to meet and photograph the animals and hear stories about their lives. Back in the studio, I begin each piece with a detailed drawing, and then apply oil paint layer upon layer, over the course of weeks or months. I have between ten and twenty works going at any given point, each in its own stage of completion. The elements of color, texture and brushstroke come together to create a narrative of a brief existence, allowing a silent story to emerge.

Elizabeth Kinahan received her Bachelors of Fine Art degree from the College of Saint Elizabeth in Morristown, New Jersey in 2004. The following year she packed up the car and headed west, in a move that would transform her creative process immensely. Although she had planned to move to Arizona, a stop in the town of Durango, Colorado became the beginning of a 13 year- and going- love affair with the high desert. Having known from a young age that her life ought to include direct proximity to nature, Elizabeth has found a fulfillment here that she never thought possible. She currently spends her days painting in a small cabin ten miles north of town, where she routinely gets visits from deer, turkeys, bear and foxes. Elizabeth’s art strives to add beauty and compassion into the world. A portion of all sales are donated to organizations that rescue and protect both wild and domesticated animals.


Photo: Jake Polster-Sadlon

Photo: Jake Polster-Sadlon

Shawn Lotze • Visual Artist

Shawn has lived and worked in Durango since 2011. As a printmaker and sculptor, he is interested in all types of media and scale. Having received his BA in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2005, Shawn has continued to work in the arts or constructive fields, presently building custom garage doors for Adams Overhead door.

With a love of materials and a sense of humor, Shawn creates installations and sculptures that transform spaces, invite interaction, and reward close inspection. The mysterious difference between intended design and what objects accomplish once given form is Shawn’s driving force, complete disappointment and never ending delight. Wood and Steel are his favorite mediums but Shawn believes materials speak (mostly telling jokes) with specificity and bringing an idea into form may require any number of different mediums. Skilled with tools since childhood, Shawn’s earliest works include perforating his bedroom walls with a paddle bit and hammering the sidewalk to pieces because it cracked like a spider web if hit hard enough.

In experimental printmaking classes at VCU, Shawn was captured by the subtle depth embossed in prints after rolling inked materials and overlaid paper through an etching press. A natural complement to his sculpture, printmaking can combine any number of techniques and materials. Today, Shawn is still experimenting with an etching press, rolling, pushing, layering and subtracting from a colorful palette of inks to create monotypes depicting the world he sees, the worlds he would like to see and the people that may inhabit such places.

Photo: Jake Polster-Sadlon

Photo: Jake Polster-Sadlon

Jon Bailey • Artist

Jonathan S. Bailey has been living and creating art in Durango for almost twenty years. Dedicated to making tiny revolutions, Bailey, follows the lines of time with as much human powered travel as possible.Inspired by natures patterns and the ecology that makes up the natural world, the artist's work, acts as a reflection of these observations.

The Bicycle, the most efficient machine humans have invented thus far, has inspired the artist's work and process. With this strong draw to the bicycle world, the artist's lines have represented multiple bicycling events, products, and organizations. The bicycle itself is strong symbol of hope to the artist.

Some of Bailey's educational experiences include the study of fine arts at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, Eagle Scout rank in the B.S.A. Troop 380 Akron, the Art of Bicycle Maintenance and bicycle recycling at Durango Cyclery, the teachings of ecological design by Tony Brown at The ECOSA institute in Prescott, and as much creative adventure as possible between here and there.

Bailey's artistic outlets include, but are not limited to, illustration, graphic design, event creator, art direction, photography, video, dance, music, and cycling.


Crystal Hartman – Jeweler – Durango, Colo.

The impetus for Crystal’s work is process and a love of conversation. What she finds interesting are the connotations we attach to substance, the foundations from which everyday lives are interpreted, and the compassion required to appreciate divergent perspectives. A field of grass is just a field of grass; yet, in a breezy afternoon, when the sun shines through bright white clouds, it is alive and a part of us. Crystal believes that a man or woman’s hand can be felt in all that she touches and that her truth, or nature, when she creates grows in that artwork. In jewelry, Crystal has found a place to nurture beauty, she carves and cast each design with intent. Crystal is interested in history and believe that contemporary art and craft are defined by content, persistence, and collaboration.


Miki Harder – Visual Artist – Durango, Colo.

Paintbrush or clay in hand, it’s Miki’s deepest desire to share and express the joy she finds in the interplay of a connected natural world. Her style is constantly evolving as she tries to find the best way to convey silly, serious, micro, macro and the gorgeous underlying geometry of all things.

Miki earned a bachelors in Fine Art and Biology from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. Her work is diverse, from tile mosaic, welded sculpture, bronze sculpture, corporate tagging, book illustration, wall murals and painted renderings of whatever her current obsession is.


Lorna Meaden – Ceramic Artist – Durango, Colo. 

My work is soda fired porcelain. It begins with the consideration of function, and the goal is for the form and surface of the pots to be interdependent. Making the work starts with a three dimensional division of space, continues with drawing on the surface, and finishes with the addition of color.

I am interested in having my work display both practical and extravagant attributes. I am drawn to work that is rich in ornamentation, with lavish use of materials- both scarce in a culture of mass production.

Functional pottery, in its connection to sustenance, closely relates to the human body, revealing what it means to be human. Handmade pots are potent in their power to reveal the extraordinary, within the ordinary. I am driven by the insatiable pursuit of the “good pot”. Successful in terms of tactile, visual, and functional attributes; lastingly significant when packed with the passion of the maker- reflecting humanity, and contributing to the craft.


Dan Groth - Visual Artist – Durango, Colo.

Dan Groth creates visionary, dream-like tableaus of mystery and subtle humor which explore the contrast between microcosm and macrocosm, as well as the passage of time. The result is what could be an illustration of dream, or at least a very strange book. He most commonly works in pen-and-ink, watercolor, and collage--but has recently expanded into printmaking. He also has been known to write, act, and play music; each of which influences his visual representations.

Dan was born and raised in Boulder County, Colorado, went to Luther College in Decorah, IA where he received a BA in Anthropology with a minor in art ('98). He first moved to Durango in 1998, and bounced around between various locations, including a 6-year stint in Portland, OR (2004-10). He's been back since 2011.


Jenn RawlingVisual Artist – Durango, Colo.

Jenn Rawling is an artist and song writer who works as a studio artist in Durango, CO where she pursues her interests in print making, painting, and songwriting. Her work reflects her continued relationship to medicinal and native plants and her interest in botanical illustration. She draws on her connection to the land, the elements, and the outdoors and focuses her creativity to illustrate life's beauty and strength. 


David Holub Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Writer - Burlington, Vt.

David Holub loves the intersection of words and images, humor and heartbreak, honesty and deception, and fried dough and cheese.

He is a designer, illustrator, writer, editor, teacher, and is formally editor, columnist, and creative director for DGO Magazine in Durango, CO, which he helped found and currently serves as editor-at-large and art director/designer. His 20-year newspaper career includes design and illustration work at the Hartford Courant, Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Miami Herald, and Durango Herald.

As a writer, David has published work at The Paris Review, McSweeney’s, The Rumpus, Orion, AGNI, the Christian Science Monitor, and American Book Review, among many other spots. He has an MFA in Creative and Professional Writing from Western Connecticut State.

David lives a charmed life in Burlington, Vt. with his wife, Dr. Stephanie Gall, and is overjoyed at being the dumb one in the relationship.





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