How do I save my place for 2015 CSArt Durango?

Well, you can’t save your place per se, but you can be amongst the first to know about when we will be announcing the 2015 program, find out who the artists will be, when we will release the shares, and when you CAN purchase your 2015 CSArt Durango share. Simply email us here

How does CSArt Durango work?

Following the popular community supported agriculture model, a limited number of shares will be available for sale. Shareholders purchase shares for $350 and will receive 4 limited edition works of art and a specially chosen gift from a hand picked local business at 2 different pickup dates throughout the summer/fall season. (8 total)

The first pickup date will be July 30 and the second October 22. The pickup events will be held at Studio & and another local site and will be events in themselves.

Can I choose which artists are going to be in my share?

The CSArt Durango idea is similar to Community Supported Agriculture in that when you purchase a farm share, you don’t know exactly what is going to come in your farm box until you pick it up. It’s a great way to keep things fun and keep in mind that we have handpicked the artists for this and they definitely won’t disappoint. You can get an idea of what to expect from checking out the artists bios and websites at the bottom of the page.

Who are the Artists this year?

The complete list of artists for 2015 is HERE.

When is the deadline for purchasing CSArt Durango art shares?

The Deadline to purchase shares is June 1, 2015. Shares sold quickly and we completely SOLD OUT for 2014. To get on our list so you hear all the announcements for our 2015 CSArt Durango email us here

What if I miss a pickup event?

If you are unable to attend an art distribution event, please let us know ahead of time by emailing Minna Jain at csartdurango@gmail.com or calling 970-426-9853. We will hold the shares for 45 days after the pickup party in the event that the shareholder cannot make the party. Prompt retrieval of your art is very much appreciated.

What if I don’t live in Durango and want to buy a share?

A limited number of shares will be available for purchase to ship & include a $50 shipping fee and can be purchased by calling CSArt Project Director, Minna Jain, at 970-426-9853.